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WIP program

WIP Program
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Works in Progress (WIP) is a new program at Zygote Press for practicing artists to present
and discuss their work, and to benefit from exchange with other artists and arts
professionals in an open and productive forum. The program will culminate in a two-day
symposium and exhibition in June ‘09. The symposium, “Practical Information for Professional
Artists,” will feature a series of presentations which include but are not limited to: residency
programs and experiences; artist web development; finding funding; hands-on art workshops,
and approaching galleries. Speakers will include artists from the Northeast Ohio area as well
as gallerists, curators, critics and art professionals from Cuyahoga County.  WIP has been
partially funded through a grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.


The next WIP Critique Session will be held Saturday, March 3rd 2012 from 1-3pm.
The facilitator for the session is Adam Brouillette.

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Past WIP Critique Facilitators and Symposium Speakers have included:

Bellamy Printz
Cleveland Clinic Foundation


Kristen Rogers
Art Education and Communications Manager


Ellen Rudolph
Curator of Exhibitions
Akron Art Museum


Dr. Barbara Tannenbaum
Director of Curratorial Affairs
Akron Art Museum


Dan Tranberg
Art Critic


Douglas Max Utter
Art Critic

Alenka Banco
Convivium Gallery


Mark Cole


Knut LSG Hybinette
Assistant Professor
Cleveland Institute of Art


Associate Professor
Cleveland Institute of Art


Liz Maugans
Executive Director
Zygote Press, Inc


Paola Morsiani
Curator of Contemporary Art
Cleveland Museum of Art


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WIP 2009 WIP 2009
WIP session photos by Janet Century